Thank you for your interest in our Privacy Policy.  This document will describe how information is collected and used by Laser Larry.

Information Collected By Us

Laser Larry is currently a hobby project by a team of 1 developer in Toronto, Canada.  Our humble app does not collect much information directly, however we do use Third Party software to get certain things done, and they do collect information on your use.  Third party use is explained further below.

Logging and Diagnostics

Our servers currently only store logging information from Beta testers.  In these logs are non-identifying pieces of data such as device information (model, version number, etc) and error and informational logs provided by the application code.  Beta testers must choose to upload the data, we do not automatically collect logging data without explicit action by the user to do so.

In-App Purchases

When making an In-App Purchase from Apple’s iOS App Store, or Google’s Google Play Store, we will process information you have provided in order to facilitate the purchase with the app store.  Outside of storing the item that was purchased, we do not currently store any other information about you.  We use Unity’s In-App Purchasing for all purchases.


We currently use Unity Analytics to track game usage statistics.  We do not directly store any data about your usage, however more information about Unity Analytics is below.

Information Collected by Third Party

Laser Larry uses the following Third Party software packages in order to run:

  • Unity In-App Purchasing
  • Unity Analytics

Unity’s Privacy policy is

How We Use Information You Provide

Currently, the only way we use and store information derived from your usage is

  1. usage statistics to make the game better.
    This information is only ever viewed in aggregate of other users, and is not identifiable to you personally.
  2. error logging
    This information must be manually uploaded by you, and can only be done if you are a Beta tester

Contact Us

If you have any questions about our privacy policy and how we protect your privacy, please send us a note at